Let TE Keep an EYE on your Quality

EYE Check is a small wire terminal alignment aid for applicators. It utilizes a miniature camera system that can be installed in a TE 3K, 5K, or GII Terminator to aid in applicator feed setup and terminal alignment. This helps eliminate errors, reduce scrap, and can lead to longer tooling life. The specially-designed camera assembly quickly attaches to TE Ocean, HDM, and HDI side feed applicators, which have space behind the terminal support for the camera holder. Its software program supports both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, and the camera will also work with a TE CQM-II on a bench terminator.


Angle of View


PC compatible


CQM II compatible


Most crimping issues are related to the terminal feed. Proper feeding helps:

  • Reduce scrap
  • Contribute to longer tooling life
  • Increase machine up-time by helping to eliminate adjustments during production
  1. How to aid the proper setup of Terminal Applicator Crimping (English)

Demonstration of proper terminal alignment achieved with TE’s EYE Check Camera. The EYE Check Camera aids in applicator feed setup and terminal alignment and can increase machine up-time by eliminating unnecessary adjustments during production.


  • PC or CQM II compatible
  • Camera size: 11mm x 120mm
  • Resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • Manual focus
  • Angle of view = 60˚
Proper terminal feed is a major contributor to longer tooling life and proper feed increases machine up time by eliminating adjustments during production.
TE Press Release,
April 24, 2014


Wiring and Harness Processing
  • Appliances
  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Wire processing
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Hybrid electrical vehicles
  • Wire harness manufacturing