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These are rugged hermetically sealed sensors, constructed entirely of stainless steel, and intended for use at high temperatures (400°F).  The coil windings are sealed against hostile environments to IEC standard IP-68 and electrical termination is through a sealed axial (HSTA) or radial (HSTAR) connector. The radial connector offers two important benefits. First, it results in a through-bore design, which permits access to either or both ends of the LVDT’s core for better mechanical support and core guidance, and easier cleanout in dusty or dirty locations. The second advantage of the radial connector is shorter installed length compared to units of the same range with axial connectors. The mating connector plug is supplied with the unit. Available in ranges of ±0.050 inch (±1.25 mm) to ±10.0 inches (±250 mm), HSTA/HSTAR 750 Series sensors feature the high resolution, excellent repeatability, and low hysteresis associated with LVDT technology, as well as the highest sensitivity consistent with good linearity. The maximum linearity error for any of these sensors is ±0.25% of full range output using a statistically bestfit straight line derived by the least squares method. 


  • Ranges of ±0.05" to ±10" [±1.25 mm to ±250 mm]
  • 400°F (200°C) operating temperature
  • Environmentally sealed to IEC IP-68
  • Non-linearity less than ±0.25% of FRO
  • Through-bore design (HSTAR)
  • Mating plug for connector included 


Please review product documents or contact us for the latest agency approval information.  

Electrical Characteristics

  • Linear Position Sensor - LVDT/LVIT Supply Voltage (V) 3

  • Electrical Connections  PT02A-10-6P

Signal Characteristics

  • Excitation Frequency (kHz) 2.5

Body Features

  • Spring Loaded  Separate Core

Housing Features

  • Linear Position Sensor - LVDT/LVIT Housing Material  Stainless Steel

  • Housing Diameter  19.05 mm [ .75 in ]

Usage Conditions

  • Operating Temperature Range  -55 – 200 °C [ -67 – 392 °F ]

Industry Standards

  • IP Rating  IP68


  • Full Stroke Ranges (mm) ±12.5, ±125, ±75

  • Full Stroke Ranges (in) ±.5, ±3, ±5

  • Linearity (% of Span) ±.25

Reference Number

  • TE Internal Number CAT-LVDT0009

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