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TSYS03 ultra-compact, precise digital temperature sensor is available in TDFN8 and XDFN6 packages.

The device contains a durable temperature sensor element, A/D converter, and microcontroller to manage data communications via an I2C interface. TSYS03 is available in a TDFN8 or a XDFN6 package to easily adapt to the space available on a PC board. These packages are very small and have low thermal mass which provides a quick response to temperature changes. The operating and measurement temperature range is -40 to +125°C with a resolution of ±0.01°C. Operating and sleep currents are extremely low making this sensor ideal for mobile and battery power applications. 


  • High Accuracy ±0.5°C @ Temp.: 0°C … +60°C
  • Adjustment of high accuracy temperature range on request
  • I2C Interface up to 1MHz
  • Programmable I²C Address
  • Small IC-Package TDFN8 2.5mm x 2.5mm and XDFN6 1.5mm X 1.5mm
  • Low Supply Current < 5 μA (standby < 0.3 μA)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C …+125°C
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  • Consumer goods and appliances
  • HVAC and weather stations
  • Industrial Control and food monitoring
  • Vehicle battery monitoring
  • Medical probes and patient monitoring
  1. Smarter with Sensors video – TSYS03 (English)

In this episode of our SMARTER WITH SENSORS video series our technical sensor expert will introduce the TSYS03 digital temperature sensor. Watch this short video to learn about the range applications where the TSYS03 is used, technical details, how the digital temperature sensor works and more.

  • TSYS03 Digital Temperature Sensor (English)

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TSYS03 dimensions infographic

TSYS03 is available in two different sizes



  • What is the resolution in °C of the TSYS03?

The digital temperature sensor resolution is <0.01°C.


  • What are the minimum and maximum temperatures supported by the TSYS03 digital temperature sensors?

The TSYS03 temperature measurement and operating range is covered  from minimum -40°C to maximum +125°C


  • What are the dimensions of TSYS03 digital temperature sensors?

There're two different sizes available for the TSYS03 version TDFN8 (2,5mm x 2,5mm) and XDFN6 (1,5mm x 1,5mm), ideal for installations with a PCBA space constraints.


  • Are the TSYS03 sensors RoHS compliant ?

Yes, the TSYS03 sensors are RoHS and REACH complaint. 


  • Is there any firmware or app needed for any actual operating systems?

There's no firmware or app needed for set up; these can be interfaced to microcontrollers using an I²C interface.


  • If the sensor is in contact with the PCB - should the thermal conductive paste be used?

This is not necessary, the TSYS03 Die Attach Pad direclty can be soldered to a copper plain of the PCB.


  • What kind of customer specific adaptations are available on request?

The TSYS03 digital temperature sensors can be delivered pre-configured (with I²C-address) on request.


  • Can the digital temperature sensors be configured with different I²C addresses? If, so what are the installation steps to follow?

Yes, the TSYS03 can be configured with different I²C adresses, please refer to our Programming an alternative I²C-address application note to learn more.


  • Could the sensor be hand soldered?

Yes, the TSYS03 can be hand soldered but we do not recommend it due to it's small size.


  • What are the typical applications for the digital temperature sensors?

TSYS03 is part of the TSYS series which covers a wide offereing of digital temperature sensors. For applications with space constraints such as consumer goods TSYS03, is the best choice on the other hand for medical or clinical, with high precision requirement the TSYS01 will be recommended. 



Please review product documents or contact us for the latest agency approval information.  

Product Type Features

  • Model Number  TSYS03, TSYS03-1

  • Digital Temperature Sensor Type  Digital IC Temperature Sensor

Electrical Characteristics

  • Digital Temperature Sensor Supply Voltage (V) 2.4 – 5.5

  • Supply Current (Max) (µA) 400

Termination Features

  • Wire/Cladding/Connection  SMD


  • Digital Temperature Sensor Length (mm) 1.5, 2.5

  • Digital Temperature Sensor Length (in) .059, .098

  • Digital Temperature Sensor Width (mm) 1.5, 2.5

  • Digital Temperature Sensor Height (mm) .38, .75

  • Digital Temperature Sensor Height (in) .015, .03

  • Width (in) .059, .098

Usage Conditions

  • Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 – 125, -40 – 125

  • Operating Temperature Range (°F) -40 – 257, -40 – 257

  • Accuracy T_Range (°C) -5 – 50


  • Output/Span Resolution (bit) 16

  • Digital Temperature Sensor Accuracy (°C) ± .5

  • Output Interface  I2C

Packaging Features

  • Digital Temperature Sensor Package  TDFN8, XDFN6

Reference Number

  • TE Internal Number CAT-DTS0001

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