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Our CTS Solar Customizable Trunk Solution is a hybrid solution adaptable to site conditions.

Solar Insulation Piercing Connectors (GS-IPC)

Our new connector combines two TE technologies: Insulation Piercing Technology, for easier and faster connection with no insulation cutback required with our Powergel which to seals, protects and insulates for increased reliability. The GS-IPC provides protection, insulation and high-quality sealing for faster, easier and safe cable connections of photovoltaic cables ranging from #10 to 500 KkCMIL. Size transitions or transitions from copper to aluminum are also possible. The GS-IPC is a UL486AB+UL6703 listed part.

Solar Fuse Harnesses

Solar Fuse Harnesses (SFH)

This robust fuse harness cable assembly solution is designed for solar farm applications up to 1500 volts and 50 amps with multiple gauge options (#8 - #12 AWG). The range offers a full solution of harnesses with a wide variety of configurations, including inline over-molded fuses, branching, whips and string jumpers. The SFH is UL9703 compliant.

Disconnect Boxes

Disconnect Boxes

Our fiberglass or steel disconnect boxes are for up to 400 amps load break with surge and common ground capability and have integrated shearbolt connectors for easier and simpler installation. The disconnect boxes are UL1741 compliant.

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  • Increase of solar farm project efficiency

Less cabling required, combined with low current leakage connectors reduce the voltage drop level.

  • Ease of installation

Our Gel Solar Insulation Piercing Connectors (GS-IPC) are fast and easy to install and give flexibility to adjust connection spacing on site.

  • Decrease in costs

Fewer cables and fewer PV combiner boxes are required with our Customizable Trunk Solution, which dramatically reduces the material costs of your solar farm construction.

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  1. Gel Solar Insulation Piercing Connector Installation Video

Our Solar Insulation Piercing Connector with a Powergel-filled cover (GS-IPC) offers protection, insulation and high quality sealing for fast, easy and safe cable connections of PV cables ranging from #10 to 500 Kcmil. Watch out video and get insights on the GS-IPC installation steps.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can CTS Solar Customizable Trunk Solution help to minimize and determine the voltage drop level?

Answer: The voltage drop requirement varies by project since the combination of factors like power output per panel, location, system configuration, etc. dictates the voltage drop level. The design of each CTS system addresses the voltage drop requirement on a case‐by‐case basis with our free consultative service which will provide a detailed report with all the calculations and balance of system (BOS) to make sure our CTS will not exceed the voltage drop requirement.


Question: Can TE's Solar Customizable Trunk Solution be applied to any utility‐scale solar farm?

Answer: Yes, our Solar Customizable Trunk Solution is a standard model for each solar project, and the goal is the optimum design with a cost‐effective technical solution while increasing the productivity, accessibility, and safety of your site. We ensure each solar project layout will utilize CTS’s product to its maximum capabilities and functionality.


Question: What is the warranty of the solution?

Answer: Our Solar Customizable Trunk Solution has a five year warranty.


Question: Can TE offer Trunk Bus Engineering Services?

Answer: Yes, once you choose to use our system, we may be able to offer consultative services on a case-by-case basis. Our solar engineering team can provide voltage drop calculations for a project that is not yet optimized for our Solar Customizable Trunk Solution.


Read more FAQ about TE's Customizable Trunk Solution for Solar Application.


Product Description

Our CTS Solar Customizable Trunk Solution is designed for DC grid systems to eliminate solar combiner boxes and provide plug-n-play flexibility from the string harness to the inverter. View All DT RECP ASM Products (18)

Please review product documents or contact us for the latest agency approval information.  


Please Note: Use the Product Drawing for all design activity. 

Product Type Features

  • Piercing Blade Base Material  Tinned Copper

  • Solar Connector Type  PV connector

  • Solar Connector Style  Piercing

  • Product Type  Gel Insulation Piercing Connector, Solar Fuse Harness

  • Fuse  No, Yes

Configuration Features

  • T-Branch Style  Plug-to-Plug

  • Fuse Protection Level (A) 1 x 50, 3 x 15

Electrical Characteristics

  • Connection Under Load (90A Max)  No

  • Current Rating (A) 168, 63

  • Voltage Class (kV) ≤ 2

Body Features

  • Cable Color  Black

Contact Features

  • Strings  2, 3


  • Conductor Range (Main) (AWG) 350, 500, 8 – 4

  • Conductor Range (Tap) (AWG) 10 – 6, 12 – 10

  • Wire Size (AWG) 10

  • Cable Length (in) 1164


  • Overhead  Yes

Product Availability

  • Product Availability  Worldwide

Reference Number

  • TE Internal Number CAT-CTS

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