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A network of fiber optic cables spans the global seabed, transmitting data and connecting continents.

SubCom is a leading global supplier of undersea communications technology and marine services. We design, manufacture, and install fiber optic cable systems around the world. To date, we’ve deployed more than 100 cable systems and enough subsea communication cable to circle the Earth 15 times at the Equator. As a fully integrated supplier, we design and manufacture all the key subsystems for undersea communications links, and can help customers with every aspect of the deployment and maintenance of these vital networks. Our mission is to be the trusted, highly-responsive supplier that brings together end-to-end network knowledge and global experience to construct our customer's unique network on time and at a lower lifetime cost.

SubCom Understands Every Undersea Communications System is Unique

Each customer has a unique vision for their undersea communications system. Through our years of experience in the industry, we have developed a rich knowledge of the many crucial connections that must work perfectly in every system and how to work with each customer to design a system to meet their specific business needs.

A Fully-Integrated Supplier

As a fully integrated supplier of undersea communications systems and services, SubCom brings to our customers expertise in every phase of a project. Project and management teams in our research and development laboratories, manufacturing facilities, ships and depots work together to provide the design, route engineering, manufacture, installation and maintenance of cable systems to enable end-to-end connectivity with unsurpassed reliability.

Advanced Design Capabilities

We develop advanced undersea cable technologies with tools like our Undersea Network Model Simulator. This system simulates optical cable networks more than 12,000 km in length. By modeling the physics affecting optical signal propagation, this tool helps us future-proof cable systems before we deploy them.  

  1. Long-Haul Solutions (English)

The SubCom long-haul solution (repeatered system) includes: Route planning and system design; equipment design, manufacture, and integration for "Wet Plant" and "Dry Plant" operations.

  • SubCom Oil & Gas Platform Riser Cable Installation

  • Oil & Gas Platform Subsea Connection

  • SubCom Process (English)