GreenSilver Contact Surface Technology

Removing Barriers to Innovation: Solving automotive connectivity challenges with ‘green’ surface technology


Less Energy Consumption & CO2 Emissions


Less Fresh Water


Vibration Level 6 up to forces of 80g


Sustainable and Innovative Solution Breakthrough

Exceeding today’s requirements while enabling tomorrow’s innovations. As the demand for higher-performing connectors increases, so does the industry’s need to be freed from outdated surface technology that limits its ability to innovate and meet sustainable goals.


Managing environmental impacts in ways that count, TE Connectivity’s new GreenSilver contact surface plating technology is an innovative ‘green’ coating helping manufacturers not only meet their sustainability goals but is also designed to enhance connector performance in high voltage applications for EV powertrains enhancing vibration tolerance and heat dissipation as well as being ideal for low-power and signal transmission purposes in miniaturized connectivity.


green technology

Best-in-Class High-Performance

GreenSilver contact surface plating technology will enable the future of automotive trends by supporting highly complex and reliable connections – often in extreme high-vibration and high-temperature environments by achieving the highest performance connector system for the engine and body. GreenSilver achieves the pinnacle of performance by producing a finish that provides the superior conductivity of silver, exactly where needed and only there while simultaneously withstanding temperatures of 180C, very high vibration levels and an increase in mating cycles.

enhanced performance

The Future is Bright

The new groundbreaking GreenSilver contact surface plating technology is playing a key role in the Architectural Evolution enabling zonal domains and controllers without passivation, thereby reducing the overall complexity in the components, particularly the headers. It is a leading technology for the electric vehicle architecture where you need high requirements for shielding and terminal technology. 

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Configure your own Miniaturization, Infotainment and HV connectors.