1. “Welcome to TE Connectivity’s 3D Intelligent Building.”
  2. “As you journey throughout the space, discover the latest connectivity products that integrate building systems so they connect more intelligently.”
  3. “TE products link power and data, switch and filter, and protect key elements on every floor within the built environment.”
  4. “Well-known TE brands such as AMP, Potter & Brumfield, Schrack, CORCOM and RAYCHEM offer designers the latest connectivity innovations and solutions.”
  5. “We invite you to continue your journey by following the links to our product catalogs or by contacting a TE expert for assistance.”
  6. “Together, we can create a connectivity solution that can empower your next project to greater heights.”
  1. “The electronification of street lights is enabling more compact assemblies and more control capabilities within the street lights.”
  2. “TE offers a line of power and data connectors along with photocontrols, photocontrol sockets, and powerline filters to help your products light the night.”
  1. “The future is bright for photovoltaic power and TE is there with a full range of photovoltaic interconnects, cables, and associated products to make assembly and installation a snap.”
  1. “HVAC systems rely on TE Connectivity to distribute power and controls, empowering the smart systems that save energy and integrate with today’s intelligent buildings.”
  1. “TE offers a wide range of products for exterior electronic and electrical devices.”
  2. “We enable the light from your street and parking area lamps, provide power connectors, and switching for your roof-top HVAC systems.”
  3. “Our broad line of SOLARLOK interconnects, junction boxes and accessories simplify photovoltaic installations on buildings, helping to make your building green.”
  1. “TE’s products play a vital role in the lighting, security, safety, and access systems commonplace in today’s building lobbies.”
  2. “A building lobby can be considered the main part of the intelligent building’s peripheral nervous system…”
  3. “…since it controls people flow into and out of a building.”
  4. “Building occupants and visitors alike expect a welcoming, well-lit, safe and secure entrance…”
  5. “…so even though they’re not always visible, TE’s products are a critical part of the modern building lobby.”
  1. “Elevators and escalators are the transporters within the building, efficiently moving personnel and goods throughout every floor.”
  2. “Safety of users is paramount.”
  3. “TE offers a broad range of products that make installation and maintenance easier.”
  1. “Employees spend 8-9 hours a day in the office, so it needs to be very user friendly and inviting.”
  2. “TE’s products provide workspace flexibility that facility managers appreciate while offering employees plug-in convenience for power and data. ”
  1. “Building occupants need a safe, comfortable place to spend their down time and what better place than a cafeteria.”
  2. “TE provides a wide range of products for safety devices, commercial appliances, and security elements typically found in a cafeteria.”
  1. “Security of today’s buildings is more important than ever.”
  2. “Access controls facilitate the flow of employees and visitors into a building, while blocking those without proper credentials.”
  1. “Lighting is a critical element of architectural aesthetics…”
  2. “…with solid state lighting opening up new possibilities.”
  3. “TE offers a broad range of LED holders and interconnects for next generation lighting fixtures.”
  1. “A building’s fire alarm system is a key, hidden, life-safety element of every building.”
  2. “Mostly unobtrusive and barely visible, it is arguably the most important part of a building’s intelligent infrastructure.”
  1. “As security cameras continue the migration to smaller, more powerful, web-ready products,… ”
  2. “TE’s broad range of internal connector and protection components,… ”
  3. “…along with our NETCONNECT networking products, facilitate a tight integration of video with building management systems.”
  1. “Often hidden in the basement or building penthouse, the control cabinet and drive system provide the motive power for an elevator system. ”
  2. “Dependability and safety are key requirements for these devices.”
  1. “The cab control panel is the primary user interface for personnel.”
  2. “It needs to be intuitive and easy to use with bright, visible switches and indicators.”
  1. “A well-lit cab is necessary to ensure ease of access and security of elevator users.”
  2. “TE’s lighting products enable cab-specific fixtures and ease of installation during assembly.”
  1. “We work in an increasingly DC world as evidenced by the DC devices on our desktops.”
  2. “As electronic devices continue to propagate, TE offers a range of DC distribution products to power the modern desktop.”
  1. “Power and data distribution within a building is critical.”
  2. “TE provides modular data and power distribution systems that make construction and refurbishment plug-and-play.”
  1. “Thermostats have evolved from thermo-mechanical to full electronics devices with network capabilities.”
  2. “TE offers a range of miniature interconnects and switches to enable these smart thermostats.”
  1. “Occupancy sensors are everywhere and building efficiency is increasingly dependent on them.”
  2. “TE’s connectors and switches help manufacturing and installation of these important sensors.”
  1. “A critical part of any commercial kitchen, the fire suppression system is an active part of a building’s fire detection system. ”
  2. “TE connects the component and systems, as well as providing the switches and relays that control systems rely on.”
  1. “Universally required by building codes, Emergency Exit Signs are found throughout a building.”
  2. “TE connects light sources as well as backup batteries in exit signs, providing the reassuring glow so necessary to identify exits in an emergency.”
  1. “Cafeterias need refrigeration and TE helps connect the lighting systems, controls, and coolant compressors in commercial refrigeration systems.”
  1. “As Security cameras continue the migration to smaller, more powerful, web-ready products,…”
  2. “…TE’s broad range of internal connector and protection components along with our NETCONNECT networking products facilitate a tight integration of video with building management systems.”
  1. “A standard fixture in most cafeterias, vending machines provide convenience to building occupants.”
  2. “Our connectors, switches and relays help vending machines deliver their goodies when someone has a snack attack on the late shift.”
  1. “No cafeteria would be complete without commercial cooking appliances.”
  2. “TE provides power terminal blocks and a broad range of appliance-focused interconnects to keep the sizzle in your commercial appliances.”

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