New Product: SMI pressure sensor for portable applications

SMI Pressure Sensors

SMI Pressure Sensors

SMI pressure sensor package with 50% reduced footprint enables portable applications. 3B Medical ‘Aer X’ benefits from size and weight savings of new JEDEC SO-10 package

May 28, 2020

Milpitas, California. – May 28, 2020 –TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has developed a minimal footprint SMI SO-10 pressure sensor package with vertical port, which is now in full production. Inside the housing, a MEMS pressure sensor, based on TE’s proprietary silicon technology platform, and an advanced signal-conditioning IC are combined to provide a fully pressure calibrated and temperature compensated output. Covering gauge pressure ranges from 2.5 to 30 PSI with a digital (I2C) or dual output (digital and amplified analog) signal with ±1% FS accuracy the compact design enables smaller designs on the system level for a wide range of applications from medical to HVAC.


The pressure sensor housing is based on standard surface mount technology and features a JEDEC compliant SO-10 footprint for straight-forward PCB design and assembly. With less than half the body size compared to the standard JEDEC SO-16 package, the SO-10 package (9 mm width and 3.8 mm length) combines reliable TE sensor technology with a minimal footprint. The robust unibody design eliminates the opportunity for leaks. To ease integration further the SO-10 package offers media compatibility achieved through backside die pressurization. The isolation of the electronics from the pressure media allows the sensor to be used in certain harsh media environments. The pressure sensor can be mounted directly on a standard printed circuit board. Insensitivity to the mounting orientation simplifies the assembly.


“Real estate is a critical factor in many portable and handheld devices. Without compromising on performance, the SO-10 packaged pressure sensors contribute to a lightweight design,” explains Mike Klitzke, product manager, SMI pressure sensors solutions at TE. “We see a miniaturization trend in the industrial space demanding decreased equipment dimensions and more flexibility in the design. A similar trend can be observed in the medical space, where minimal sized components support small, portable devices which increase the quality of life allowing patients to move more freely. One great example for this is our customer 3B Medical, their newest generation of home care oxygen therapy devices benefits from three minimal footprint SMI solutions.”


“SMI pressure sensors are known for their reliable and innovative solutions in the medical device space. Our portable oxygen concentrators provide respiratory support and enable movement without the need for bulky equipment.  Minimal sized components like the TE parts make a difference for the compact design,” says Alex Lucio, CEO of 3B Medical. “Moreover, key factors for choosing the SMI pressure sensor solution were their quick response to samples and excellent customer service.”


3B Medical is an innovative manufacturer of respiratory devices.


“We look to SMI pressure sensors in many of our products. Our goals for designing the Aer X portable oxygen concentrator were to reduce the size, weight and footprint, while at the same time, adding in advanced sensing of respiratory events. TE provided us with an advanced solution that met our strict cost requirements,” Lucio said.


Key applications – portable and handheld devices


  • Ventilation device
  • Patient monitor
  • Air quality tester
  • Formaldehyde detection



  • Multi-gas analyzer
  • Emission analyzer
  • Manometer



  • Calibration equipment
  • Humidity detector


The SM1000 (up to 30 PSI) and SM4000 (up to 15 PSI) Series are available with the SO-10 package option.


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3B Medical is a leader in the development; marketing and distribution of medical products for the treatment of sleep disordered breathing and oxygen therapy. Click here to learn more


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