New Product: PRO BEAM EB16 Optical Termini


Drop-in replacement for M29504/4 and /5 physical contact termini

EB16 termini are a size 16 optical contact, fit-form compliant to MIL-DTL-38999 Series III size 16 cavities.

June 05, 2015

Our new PRO BEAM EB16 optical termini can help bring the durability and ruggedness of expanded beam optical technology to its size 16 contacts. Designed to fit MIL-DTL-38999 Series III size 16 cavities, the termini are a drop-in replacement for physical contact termini. Recently TE’s PRO BEAM EB16 termini was chosen as the ARINC 845 industry standard for rugged optic applications within commercial aviation applications.

“The non-contacting interface of optical connections means no wear, which is especially important in highmating cycle and high-vibration applications,” said Rodney Smith, Product Manager, Global Aerospace, Defense & Marine, TE. “The use of expanded beam optical technology also offers low sensitivity to thermal fluctuations and stable performance over the life of the system.”

The termini’s ball lens physically expands and collimates the transmission signal into an optical beam with 30 times its original area to provide easier optical alignment, low sensitivity to contamination, and consistent performance over thermal changes. The beam is then refocused back down onto the core of the receiving fiber.


Because the beam size is substantially expanded when traversing the mechanical interface, the signal will not deteriorate by airborne contamination particles of the same size that seriously affect the performance of the PC connection.

The PRO BEAM EB16 termini is field terminable and is intended for a variety of commercial and military aerospace applications including fixed wing and rotary aircraft, unmanned aerials systems and radar and sensor systems.

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