New Product: AD&M Glass-Sealed Hybrid Penetrator

hybrid penetrator

Glass-Sealed Hybrid Penetrator

Hybrid penetrator platform which consists of optical and electrical connections glass sealed into the same small feedthrough

March 30, 2017

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has recently developed a glass-sealed hybrid penetrator with one optical and two electrical contacts in a single body. The compact device replaces multiple penetrators for space and weight savings in many oil and gas, submarine and naval applications.

TE’s hermetically-sealed rugged penetrator can sustain rough handling conditions and operates in most harsh environments, including extreme temperatures and pressures. The glass-seal technology provides reliable performance for a lifetime typically lasting 30 years or more. Capable of withstanding high operating pressures of 10,000+ psi, this penetrator is ideal for most applications in the harsh environments of submarine networks, naval systems, and oil and gas processes.

“Built to withstand high pressures in extreme marine environments, TE’s glass-sealed hybrid penetrator helps prevent seawater from leaking into subsea modules by balancing the fluid pressures within the system,” said Igor Stouklov, business development senior manager of global Aerospace, Defense & Marine at TE Connectivity.

TE’s hybrid penetrators are customizable to fit the needs of an individual system, with adaptability to environmental conditions, electrical and optical performance targets and form factors. The versatile design allows for a changeable fiber and pin count or fiber type.

About TE

TE Connectivity is a $13 billion global industrial technology leader creating a safer, sustainable, productive, and connected future. Our broad range of connectivity and sensor solutions, proven in the harshest environments, enable advancements in transportation, industrial applications, medical technology, energy, data communications, and the home. With nearly 80,000 employees, including more than 8,000 engineers, working alongside customers in approximately 150 countries, TE ensures that EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS.

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