internet of things

Connecting the Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT). Industrial Internet. Internet of Everything. All shorthand for the pervasive opportunity to create new economic value by making things smart.

Every day, the world is becoming more connected.  Everything from the phones we carry in our pockets, to the cars we drive, to the buildings in which we work and live, are linked to massive networks of data. Sensors and connectors designed and manufactured by TE Connectivity (TE) help keep those networks from going offline. Here are some of the ways TE is helping to create a more connected world and keep The Internet of Things growing. 


Smarter devices aren’t possible without data. TE’s sensor solutions monitor and control even the most sophisticated applications, and help deliver information with speed and efficiency. 


Our connector and component designs marry form and function and are rigorously tested to enable power to flow safely and efficiently wherever and whenever it’s needed. 


TE’s connector and sensor combinations add intelligence to high-performance networks to enable optimal operations and maintenance. These components are instrumental in helping to keep The Internet of Things online. 


connected objects by 2020*


of cars connected by 2020**

Fast, precise, and safe. Inside the always-on smart factory, people and robots collaborate to transform assembly lines into selfmonitoring, adaptive learning systems.  When equipped with TE’s connectivity and sensor solutions, these systems can reliably and efficiently generate and transmit – in real-time, to other machines anywhere – data, power, and signal. The result is a new level of interoperability, capable of providing customized on-demand production, while reducing manufacturing costs. In the factory, robots make factories smarter and more efficient. In a connected factory with sensors, robots can learn tasks and predict human behavior by copying – and repeating – human action. This leads to an infrastructure which can respond to changing production volumes and needs. TE solutions for the connected factory enable industrial machines to quickly leverage vast amounts of real-time production data to immediately adjust production, in ways that strategically achieve efficiency, output, quality, and cost improvements.

  1. Digitizing Factories for the Future

The digital era is here for industrial manufacturing. We’re innovating a flexible solution for older equipment allowing these machines to connect to a network, enabling them to communicate with each other and with operators in real time.

The connected consumer is a major driver for the connected home industry. Seventy-eight percent of U.S. consumers own mobile devices, and they realize the value of controlling home functions – such as heating and cooling systems – from anywhere they happen to be. Connectivity is critical to the efficient manufacturing, assembly, and installation of these devices and TE’s products are designed into OEM products that are driving home automation innovation. 

Redefining convenience, re-engineering travel. The connected car is transforming how we experience daily travel.  When equipped with TE’s connectivity and sensor solutions, automobiles are using TE’s advanced technology to enhance communication, safety, and performance – within the car, between vehicles, and to other devices and machines. TE connectors and sensors are automating anti-lock brake systems (ABS) to optimize traction and steering control. For in-vehicle electronics, our solutions help detect and report potential mechanical failures before these occur and avoid accidents by detecting vehicle surroundings. TE’s commitment to lighter, smaller, and more efficient technology makes these conveniences possible while also improving fuel efficiency and lowering emissions.