Generation 50 Group

Generation 50

Small size. Big advantages. The TE Generation 50 connector portfolio offers both size and weight savings while satisfying the USCAR-2 environmental and mechanical requirement for 0.50 mm systems.

TE's Generation 50: Safer, Greener, Smarter. The Generation 50 supports customers designing, planning, or producing products where components that weigh less - and take up less space - can provide an advantage. The robust, patented technology of the Generation 50 includes unsealed clean body design, anti-stubbing terminal beam geometry, that helps eliminate the risk of terminal push out, and allows for excellent insertion and stress distribution.

The Generation 50 Advantage

Light Weight, Space-Saving

TE's innovative Generation 50 design can be used in a wide range of transportation products across numerous applications where its size and weight advantages can make a major difference in product design and planning.

4P Side Latch Plug
4P Side Latch Plug
6P Top Latch Plug
6P Top Latch Plug
16P Top Latch Plug with CPA
16P Top Latch Plug with CPA
16P Plug with Wire Dress
16P Plug with Wire Dress
4P Right Angle SMT Header
4P Right Angle SMT Header
6P Right Angle SMT Header
6P Right Angle SMT Header
16P Right Angle SMT Header
16P Right Angle SMT Header
28P Right Angle Header and Plug
28P Right Angle Header and Plug


Proven Reliability
  • Airbag Control Module
  • Audio Module
  • Camera Front / Rear
  • Camera Modules
  • Climate Control Module (HVAC)
  • Clusters
  • Control Units
  • Cyber Security Module
  • Door Handle Module
  • Engine Control Unit
  • Ethernet Switch Box
  • Headliners
  • Lighting
  • Memory Seat Module
  • Mirrors
  • Navigation
  • Overhead Console
  • Power Steering
  • Radio Frequency Hub Module
  • Radios
  • Seat Switches
  • Sensors
  • Shifter Module
  • Steering Wheel Clock Spring
  • Steering Wheel Switches
  • Switches General

Diverse Features

Optimal Benefits







  •  0.35mm² to 0.13mm²


  • Wire barrel flexibility
  •  Anti-stubbing beam geometry


  • Terminal Push Out prevention
  •  Multiple mating contact points


  • Optimized insertion and stress distribution
  •  Orientation and retention features


  • Extra throw Independent Secondary Lock
  •  Three wire barrel serrations


  • Maximum wire oxide disruption

Connector (Plug)


Connector (Plug)

  •  Anti-stubbing system


  • Everything molded in same plastic
  • Robust Anti-Scooping Features


  • Header pin damage protection
  • Preset Independent Secondary Lock


  • Shipment and handling damage prevention
  • Loud Audible click during mating


  • Fully mated operator feedback
  •  Full serviceability


  • Meets USCAR specification for serviceability




  • Surface Mount Technology


  • Reverse board processing
  •  Surface Mount Technology


  • Easy solder joint inspection
  •  SMT coplanarity


  • Minimizes connector assembly tolerances


Qualified for USCAR 2 and 21 and compliant with USCAR 25


Circuit count covers a broad range of applications


Small header footprint and connector form factor

Generation 50

Robust Durability, SMT Technology, and Serviceability

Based on the Japan 050 terminal, which are used by most Asian vehicle manufacturers plus other OEMs worldwide, TE Connectivity has launched the new Generation 50 product family of unsealed miniaturized automotive solutions.

The Generation 50 terminals and connectors (plugs) are capable of wire sizes down to 0.13 mm² which reduces wire harness weight and improves ergonomic harness handling. At the same time the Generation 50 terminal is also a robust interconnection system offering an exceptional level of retention due to dual terminal locking features.

The connector system offers an anti-stubbing solution by providing a pin opening, receptacle opening and lead in funnel molded in the same piece of plastic. TE’s surface mount technology (SMT) headers offer excellent board retention and coplanarity technology to minimize and help eliminate connector assembly tolerances plus variations from the products overall coplanarity. Connectors are available with optional CPA and wire dress covers. The Generation 50 series offers right angle SMT headers and connectors on single and dual row configurations up to 28 positions on 1.8mm pitch and offer lower mating forces over traditional connector solutions.

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