Six challenges featuring TE Connectivity's SNK terminal blocks (English)

Let’s discover how our SNK terminal blocks are able to overcome any kind of challenge!

Video 6 is SNK series accessories, ergonomic and common for all technologies

SNK series terminal blocks provides common and ergonomic accessories for all technologies 

With SNK series accessories, user significantly reduces his inventories while saving time


Features :

  • SNK PI-Spring, screw and pluggable technologies share the same accessories reducing inventory by up to 50% 
  • Exclusive with SNK series: end sections and circuit separators fit several types and sizes of blocks 
  • Convenient double central channels allow multi configurations : jumpering, testing and measuring 
  • Time & stock saving with plug-in insulated jumpers, cuttable and available up to 50 poles 
  • Save installation time with our snap on screwless ground terminal blocks, end stops, plugs and jumpers