Safer, Greener and More Enjoyable Driving

Connected Car

TE products connect almost every electrical function in cars — from alternative power systems to infotainment and sensor technologies. TE is committed to offering connectivity and sensor solutions that allow OEMs to bring innovation to the connected car universe: products that are smaller and lighter, and offer high reliability and performance in increasingly harsh environments.


Safer, Greener and More Enjoyable Driving

Just as consumers want a connected life when they’re at home, they want it while they’re on the road as well. With data connectivity, drivers can do more than just point the car where they want it to go: data can help them get places faster, spend less money on gas, and travel in greater comfort.

Car manufacturers and government regulators also see value in connected cars, but for different reasons: connectivity promises to improve safety and reduce polluting emissions. However, to meet the demands of both consumers and regulators, automakers must equip cars with internet connectivity and sensor capabilities that can share information from many sources inside and outside the vehicle. This means manufacturers must develop the quality connectors and sensors that make connectivity possible, so that information can be exchanged both inside and outside the vehicle.

  1. Safer, Greener, Smarter and More Connected Vehicles (English)

TE's Marcus Schulte describes how we work with our customers to help limit vehicle emissions. One example is a sensor we created to measure the quality and concentration of urea in systems that reduce the amount of greenhouse gases created by diesel engines.