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Engineering the Internet of Things

The New Value Chain:

IoT Innovation

Change is opportunity; ignoring it is perilous. In the IoT value chain, partnership is imperative to success. Companies that accept and work to surmount the challenges emerging from the Internet of Things (IoT) can traverse the value chain, forge business-expanding partnerships, and build customer relationships of greater value. Companies which ignore IoT-driven change may not go out of business, but may find it challenging to be the best wooden stagecoach wheel maker in a world of rubber tires. At TE Connectivity, we partner with engineering innovators and technology entrepreneurs to integrated connectivity solutions that can increase value across the value chain.

  1. IoT Sensor Market Survey

TE Connectivity (TE) designed a survey for engineers on a variety of topics related to IoT design. We got responses from 180 engineers ... primarily senior engineers with a stated interest in consumer, industrial, and automotive IoT. Our survey explored IoT applications and design methods and then identified common challenges that exist across this space.

Advancing innovation in internet-enabled technology

Building new efficiencies into our daily lives. Smart technology is transforming devices, machines, and networks into the connected, responsive technology enabling the Internet of Things (IoT). To make this happen, manufacturers are installing miniature connectors, lightweight cabling, customized antennas, and multi-property sensors to improve, increase, and integrate data processing, power distribution, and signal transmission in connected cars, electrified powertrains, medical devices, industrial robots, building systems, data centers, communications networks, and more.

  1. Innovation for Today and Tomorrow

Why TE Connectivity? For over 75 years, our connectivity and sensor solutions have helped engineers to create innovative technology in transportation, medical devices, energy, data communications, the home and consumer products. We offer over 100,000 parts and have been awarded over 14,000 patents.

Featured Video:

"All Things IoT"

Co-sponsored for Mouser, this video discusses the opportunities in building technology for the Internet of Things (IoT). It explains the IoT advantage and looks at three industries leveraging IoT technology.


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Connectivity everywhere

At TE, we design and manufacture the rugged, robust connectivity and sensors solutions at the center of IoT innovation, which includes new 5G solutions that make hyper-connectivity and faster data transmission possible. Every day around the world, engineers and entrepreneurs rely on TE products to generate business advantages and customer value around the IoT market opportunity. With TE, they are turning ground-breaking ideas into the innovative technologies making our homes, worksites, and communities safer, sustainable, productive, and connected.

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