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Today, advancements in materials science, 3D-printing, renewable energy, and digital manufacturing are creating opportunities to transform how manufacturers operate and engineers think. As one of the world’s first adopters of 3D printing, we invest in technologies that help our global teams – engineers, scientists, technologists, and product specialists – think big and move fast. Together, we are developing materials and processes that accelerate product innovation, achieve cost savings, and cut time-to-market in making the connectivity and sensor solutions critical to enabling a safer, sustainable, productive, and connected future. 


Connectivity everywhere

At TE, we design and manufacture the rugged, robust connectivity and sensors solutions at the center of IoT innovation, which includes new 5G solutions that make hyper-connectivity and faster data transmission possible. Every day around the world, engineers and entrepreneurs rely on TE products to generate business advantages and customer value around the IoT market opportunity. With TE, they are turning ground-breaking ideas into the innovative technologies making our homes, worksites, and communities safer, sustainable, productive, and connected.

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