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Connecting 48 Volt

Many vehicle manufacturers are developing vehicles based on 2 voltage (12V / 48V) electrical systems. The motivation? To address the increasing demand for power from new vehicle functionality while finding cost effective solutions to meet stricter regulations on C02 emissions. With our 48V ready end-to-end connector portfolio, we can be a key enabler of these new vehicle architectures.

The Need for 48V

Utilizing an electric motor/ generator instead of an alternator, an additional 48V battery, e-charger and regenerative brakes, these new architectures have the potential to generate significant amounts of electrical power that can lead up to 15% increase in fuel efficiency whilst achieving between 25% and 50% more low-end torque.

Connector Requirements

The primary requirement of connectors for 48V electrical systems is to be able to accommodate the wire sizes necessary for high-power applications.  That means they must fulfill new requirements for a pin pitch providing clearance / creepage distance in accordance with DIN 60664-1. In addition, connector systems should be sealed and have locking safeguards to prevent accidental un-mating and meet automotive specifications for robustness.

Our 48V Solutions

We offer end-to-end solutions based on one of the largest portfolios of proven connectivity components. Each component is highly robust - tested to the highest automotive specifications, high-performance and designed to be lightweight and compact.


Our portfolio of sealed 48V ready terminals and connectors covers all the standard 48V current ranges. These range from bolt-down integrated power terminals, supporting wire sizes up to 120mm2, large crimp-termination sealed connectors to smaller highly robust connectors, supporting the 48V system side aggregates. Each fulfils industry requirements for sealing and provide the necessary clearance and creepage distance in accordance with DIN 60664-1.

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