400R Rail Wire & Cable

400R Rail Wire & Cable

A new rail-approved Wire & Cable product for the USA market. The 400R cable is qualified to the NFPA 130-2010 standard

Introducing the new 400R Wire & Cable. TE Connectivity is launching the 400R as a new rail-approved Wire & Cable product for the USA market. The 400R is USA rail approved, limited fire hazard, wire & cable compliant to the NFPA 130-2010 standard meaning that the wire will be approved on most USA rail projects. 


With TE Connectivity's polymer and cross linking technology. The duel wall jacket insulation is;
  • Light weight, thin walled leading to reduce bundle volume and total weight.
  • Approximately 30% lighter than conventional thick walled wire, giving significant energy savings to the end user.
  • Approximately 50% saving in bulk of wire giving more room for the train designer, builder and passengers.
  • Compliant to USA rail standards NFPA 130 and BSS Standards, meaning it is suitable to be used in passage trains close to passengers.

Main Characteristics

  • Temperature rating 150oC continuous
  • Voltage rating 600v, 1000v, 2500v
  • Robust dual wall design resists damage and stops notch propagation
  • Small size allows easy installation
  • Good electrical performance due to core layer
  • Small and lighter than bulky CPE
  • Good oil resistance
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Low smoke and fume generation under fire conditions
  • Highly flame retarded
  • Meets NFPA 130


  • Rail Market rolling stock
  • Underground Metro Tunnels
  • All signal & power applications for wire and cable in the rolling stock & tunnels


  • NFPA 130 - 210
  • BSS7238
  • BSS7239
  • WCD 3114