Industrial Terminals and Splices

Quality Termination

Superior performance and long term reliability. TE offers one of the broadest portfolios of terminals and splices for industrial applications that include UL and MIL specifications. We will work with you to find an engineered solution that consists of terminal and tooling customized for your requirements. For questions, contact us through the LIVE CHAT at the bottom of the page.

Engineered solutions for your requirements Decades of experience and engineering expertise allow TE Connectivity to provide engineered solderless solutions to meet your termination needs. With the many customization options, TE offers the broadest range of insulated and uninsulated terminals and splices on the market in a variety of wire sizes up to 4/0 AWG that are UL, CSA, and Mil-Spec certified. The many millions of AMP terminals & splices that are still deployed twenty years after installation are a testament to the rigorous testing and research that went into their design and manufacturing.

SOLISTRAND Terminals and Splices
SOLISTRAND Terminals and Splices
PIDG Terminals and Splices
Terminals and Splices
Plasti-Grip Terminals and Splices
Plasti-Grip Terminals and Splices


  • Proven quality and reliability
  • Broad Portfolio for your specific need
  • Unmatched customization options – plating, stud size, bend angle
  • UL, CSA, Mil Spec certifications
  • Robust tooling options
  • Readily available distributor inventory
  • Loose Piece or Tape & Reel
  • On-Site technical support for professional help
  • Quality crimp

Application Tooling

Our robust Application Tooling options, from hand tools to fully automated applicators, assure the consistency of crimp connections to meet industry standards. In addition, our distribution service model has the reach, scale, and inventory to deliver your product where you need it when you need it. Every tooling solution is supported by our Field Engineering Services team who provide on-site support, expert installation, training, and preventative maintenance to maximize efficiency of your operation.  


UL/CSA Approval


MIL-SPEC Approval


Operating Voltage

With our proven Terminal and Tooling solutions, we offer customers a complete package.
Stephen Jones,
Global Product Manager, TE Connectivity
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See how terminals and splices not only formed the foundation of TE Connectivity’s past, but are also helping to forge the future of innovation.