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See how TE Sensors are measuring data at each of our site locations from your mobile device.

TE Connectivity (TE) shows you what our sensors see at our main sensor locations. Through the new TE sites app, users can view real-time data of local conditions including barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity at sensor manufacturing sites in the US, Europe, and Asia.  The app takes you inside locations, from production lines to clean rooms, to see what our sensors see.

  • Monitor environmental data of TE locations around the world.
  • Visualize daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly data.
  • Create your personal alerts upon metrics thresholds.
  • Receive push notifications if measurements exceed your threshold settings.
  • Analyze thresholds exceeding conditions.
  1. TE Sensors APP

See how TE Sensors are monitoring various manufacturing and R&D locations across the world.

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Pressure sensors are designed to measure the difference in pressure to an absolute reference, relative to the atmosphere, or to calculate differential pressure between two points.  TE manufactures all three types of sensors and packages them in the App for various applications.  From factory floors to HVAC controls, pressure sensors are a vital part of predictive maintenance and efficiency in various applications. 

Relative Humidity

Humidity control is crucial in certain applications.  From sensor calibration in environmental chambers to Statistical Process Control (SPC) on factory floors, humidity sensors confirm the systems to control humidity in a given area are running properly.  Wireless sensor data allows for easy installation in various ambient conditions.

Ambient Temperature

Temperature can be source for errors of various sensor types.  By monitoring and controlling temperature in the environment and testing chambers, sensors are manufactured with greater performance.