Digital Sensors

Digital Sensors and Development Boards

TE Connectivity's (TE) Digital Component Sensors (DCS) support a broad range of digital sensor products. With low power and a small footprint, our digital sensors are particularly suitable for wearable and connected devices that gather and share information about health monitoring, fitness, air quality and related applications and can be tested and qualified using various commercial available platforms.

Product Features:

Capabilities of TE's Digital Sensor Portfolio
  • Simple integration of TE sensor technologies across standard development kit platforms to simplify the part qualification process
  • Sensor technologies available include pressure, temperature, humidity, and position with various products integrating multiple sensor types within the same kit
  • Easy of use with available software/firmware drivers, graphical user interfaces, and manuals available for download

Bluetooth Compatible

Wireless sensors with apps are available for download to seamlessly take readings for Bluetooth enabled devices.

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