KISSLING 100A - 500A High Performance Relay

KISSLING Series 26 High Performance Relays with Electronic Current Sensing

The high performance Series 26 (99) dual coil relay features bidirectional current sensing and monitoring with programmable thresholds and an automatic shutdown function. This dual coil relay features extremely high shock and vibration resistance resulting from careful design and an optimized magnetic circuit.


  • Dual-coil monostable high performance relay / contactor
  • IP67/IP6K9K (steam cleaning) sealing technology
  • Efficient coil & magnetic circuit design with optimal switching properties and minimized holding current requirements
  • Military grade performance
  • Wide variety of configuration options for individual needs

Technical Data

  • Main contact current rated for continuous current and 100% duty cycle
  • Rated for minimum 100,000 switching cycles under full load
  • Mechanical life tested for 2 million mechanical cycles
  • 30G shock & 10G vibration resistant; MIL-STD 202 conform
  • Extended rating for -67 ⁰F to +185 ⁰F environmental operating temperature

Application Areas

  • Power Distribution
  • Remote Battery Disconnect
  • Starter Relay
  • HVAC Control
  • Auxiliary Power Systems
  • Hydraulic System Control

The sealing technology used in these relays meets or exceeds both the IP67 and IP6K9K (steam pressure cleaning) protection standard. This series of relays is well suited for various applications in severe conditions on commercial military and aviation vehicles. Other important advantages are low heat generation in the contact area based on low contact voltage drop, a compact design, low holding current, silver alloy contact material and the use of mechanical and high thermal stability insulating compounds. Both the terminals and housing are protected against corrosion. These relays are available with a wide variety of configuration options including contact configurations (NO; NC; NO/NC) and coil voltages (12 V, 24/28 V). Various bracket styles are available to enable solutions for your installation conditions. Also available are optional suppression devices to eliminate electromagnetic interference at the coil and optional auxiliary contacts. Detailed information regarding the various types is available on request. Custom relays can be developed in accordance to client specifications.



100A - 500A High Performance Relay with Electronic Sensing

  • 2PST
  • Bidirectional current sensing & monitoring with programmable thresholds and automatic shutdown function
  • Safety shutoff by low-voltage or over-temperature
  • Low-power coil control input for direct connection to ECU
  • Status output for monitoring switch position