Thermal Transfer Printer: TE3124

The TE3124 printer is a robust, 24 hour duty cycle, industrial, computer-driven, 600dpi, thermal transfer printer, recommended when a high resolution of print is essential.

The TE3124 is a high quality printer, ideal for those applications that require a high resolution mark. Specially designed to print on a wide range of TE Connectivity (TE) identification marker sleeves, cable markers and labels. Combined with the recommended media and ThermalTransfer ribbons, it will meet all relevant TE RW performance specifications, delivering a long lasting mark.


  • Office environment
  • Industrial environment
  • For printing high quality texts, graphic images and barcodes


  • High accuracy printing
  • Easy to use
  • Light weight
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to fit accessories
  • High definition for 3D barcodes & graphics
  • Resolution: 600dpi


  • PrintEasy
  1. Setting Up the Thermal Printer TE3124 (English)

See how to set up your TE3124 Printer. Easy and ready to use.

  • TE3124 Printer video Step 1 – Transfer Ribbon (English)

  • TE3124 Printer Step 2 – Cutter and Continuous tube (English)

  • Printer TE3124 Step 3 – Setting Up Ladder Product (English)