DDR3 Sockets

DDR3 sockets improve board space

Our third generation of double data rate, dual inline memory module (DDR3 DIMM) memory sockets can enable reliable interconnection to memory modules where peak performance is required. DDR3 DIMM sockets support 240 pins. The sockets provide end latches for module retention and ejection, as well as mechanical voltage keying. The contact design helps protect against module stubbing.

Product Features

DDR3 Memory Sockets
  • Designed to accept standard JEDEC memory modules
  • Low resistance vertical through-hole socket available
  • SO DIMM's are offered in several stacking heights to maximize board space
  • Vertical through-hole sockets available in three tail lengths to accommodate most board thicknesses


Memory module pin count

The dual inline memory module (DIMM) is a memory module with 168 pins. DIMMs are commonly used today and support 64-bit transfer. They have been the predominant type of memory module since Intel P5-based Pentium processors began to gain market share.

Featured Product Options

DDR3 Sockets
  • DDR3 DIMM Vertical Through Hole
  • DDR3 DIMM Vertical Surface Mount
  • DDR3 DIMM Right Angle Surface Mount
  • Mini DIMM Right Angle Surface Mount