RF adapters

Radio-frequency adapters: Transfer signals reliably

RF adapters are a passive component that transfer signals from one connector to another connector. Each connector interface can be customized and may vary by geometry and gender to meet customer needs. The gender on each of the connectors can be different, while the geometry of the adapter can be straight or right angle, depending on where the adapter will be placed.

RF adapters are divided into two broad categories: in-series and between series. An in-series adapter has the same connector configuration on both sides of the adapter. A between series adapter, on the other hand, has a different connector configuration on either side of the adapter. It is designed to transfer signals from one coaxial cable to another with minimal signal loss. Parameters to consider when looking for a between series adapter include the adapter interface, gender, geometry, and mounting style. Our RF adapters are often used in applications that require two dissimilar RF interfaces to be connected. Our mmWave high precision adaptors for testing and measurement equipment can provide frequency up to 110GHz+.