RITS connectors

Time saving connectivity

Our RITS family offers you a reliable, field installable solution using IDC (insulation displacement connection) - ensuring cost effective operation even under severe conditions within industrialized I/O applications.

A concept that is saving your most valuable asset – your time. The contact design based on insulation displacement of our RITS (Remote I/O Termination System) connectors does not require any wire preparation such as stripping which provides significant time saving of up to 80% compared to traditional connection technologies via Crimp or Screw clamp. Features as color-coded covers for indicating the applicable wire range, semi-transparent housings for proper wire positioning prior to the wire termination and simple quality inspection, integrated locking lever with audible click sound improve the installation and mating process and reflect our strong focus on our customer’s success. Our RITS connectors are available in a high density 2.0mm configuration and various housings options such as Plug, SMT-PCB mountable, Panel Mount, Junction Box and Socket connectors.


cost reduction potential compared to conventional screw clamp connectors


Maximum Current Rating using 0.5mm² wire


Voltage Rating

The way to connect wire is quite easy: Insert wire into a housing and pinch the housing with a generic tool such as pliers.

Easier terminations made with improved quality – transparent covers for visual inspection of correct wire range and locking lever are standard.

The locking lever design secures a wire-to wire connection and can be pulled through a partially jammed wiring duct. When mated, a clear clicksound will be heard, preventing accidental half-mating.

Our RITS connectors offer easy, reliable and quick IDC termination for effective installations with 80% cost reduction potential compared to traditional screw clamp types.
Christian Netsch,
Product Manager


  • Easy, quick and reliable IDC termination for time and cost effective installation
  • Small 2.0 mm [.079 inch] centerline connectors for space saving design- ins on the board
  • The contact retention mechanism retains the wire at a higher retention force than traditional Insulation Displacement Contact connectors
  • Locking lever and positive audible locking sound when inserting the connector provides assurance of positive mating
  • Two contact points structure provides a high contact reliability even under severe conditions as shock and vibration
  • Housing colors indicate applicable wire range
  • Component Recognized by UL to US and Canadian Standards, File No. E28476


  • Industrial Control IPC/PLC
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Robotics
  • Semiconductor/LCD manufacturing machines
  • Material Handling/Conveyor systems
  • Elevator/Escalator