Enhanced QSFP28 Cages

Beyond Connected

TE design improvement addresses customer’s operational agility.

Demand for higher density rack units (RU) leads to application designs with higher density faceplates. A leading networking company discovered that their new 100 Gbps switch production output was less than expected and their factory team was complaining about the difficulty of inserting the new high-density bezel assembly into the faceplate of their latest design. The increased number of high-speed QSFP28 I/O ports increased the overall required insertion force of standard through-bezel cages to a level that was generating fatigue and increased quality issues along the assembly line.  

Industry Challenge

Difficult bezel assembly can cause labor fatigue, reduced assembly throughput, increased assembly QA issues, and damaged springs can reduce EMI performance.

High Density QSFP28 Faceplate
High Density QSFP28 Faceplate

TE Experts Engaged

TE immediately engaged with the customer to resolve the problem by tapping into TE experts in materials and mechanical engineering. The collaboration resulted in redesigned cages that provide a 55% reduction in bezel insertion force for each 1x4 assembly without negatively impacting the bezel’s mechanical performance.

New Low Insertion Force Solution
New Low Insertion Force Solution

Results Delivered

The improved spring design was also able to better cover gaps in standard cage design delivering a 10db EMI performance improvement.  More importantly, this solution greatly reduced labor fatigue and allowed the company to once again meet assembly production goals and keep their customers happy with on time deliveries of their newest equipment.


These innovations are now available to the broader market.

Increase Assembly Throughput

  • 55% reduction in force needed to insert the line card into the front bezel 
  • Allow for easier, faster assembly and reduces risk of damage which can lead to reduced EMI performance

Improve EMI Performance

  • EMI sealing enhancements provide 10 dB EMI performance improvement over current QSFP28 products

Cost Effective Design-in

  • Drop-in replacements for existing QSFP28 (including zQSFP+) cages 
  • Compatible with all existing QSFP28 (including zQSFP+) connectors and plugs
  • Backwards compatible with QSFP+ cables and transceivers