CT, Mini CT, Hybrid, and Standard Low Power Drawer Interconnects

Robust and Durable Performance

This product family offers the same reliability you’ve come to expect with TE wire-to-board and wire-to-wire connectors, plus added versatility for your everyday and changing design needs. While the entire low power drawer family of connectors are typically used within business and retail equipment (BRE) applications, their use can be expanded to other applications with similar requirements, with the power drawer interconnects adding a stronger front-end design and functionality to the standard CT or Mini CT connector interface for improved performance and mating cycles. The hybrid CT and Mini CT connectors offer a match for mixed power and signal, with versatility and cost savings through a mix and match approach to your design. Many offer “dog ears” to ensure a great fit. Let us help you find your perfect fit for your next printer, control panel, or ATM drawer design, with this low power drawer family of interconnects.

Product Features

Low Power Drawer
  • Adds strong and durable front end to CT and Mini CT wire harnesses
  • Withstands higher mating cycles with its gold-plated contacts and heavy duty housing
  • Design prevents mis-insertion and allows for blind mating





Power and Signal Capability



Common Terminator Drawer

Common Terminator Drawer

The CT and Mini CT drawer connector systems are made up of plug and receptacle housings. These housings are loaded from the back with a standard CT or Mini CT cable assembly. The loaded housings are then mated together, allowing wire-to-wire connections with higher mating cycle counts, alignment, and blind mating.

Common Terminator Hybrid Drawer

Common Terminator Hybrid Drawer

The CT and Mini CT hybrid drawer connector systems offer the same benefits as CT and Mini CT drawer series with the added capability to move higher power within the same mated set. This functionality is accomplished through additional power positions. The result is a robust mixed power and signal connector.

Standard Hybrid Drawer

Standard Hybrid Drawer

The standard drawer connector system does not use the CT or Mini CT interface. It offers multiple configurations for mixed power and signal applications for direct wire-to-wire and wire-to-board combinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does your wire-to-wire application need a high mating cycle capability?

A: TE’s low power drawer family offers mating cycles up to 10,000.


Q: Does your application require mixed power and signal?
A: TE’s hybrid low power drawer product portfolio can offer mixed power and signal in one connector system.