Micro SLP Connector Series


Designed with small devices like mobile phones and tablets in mind, the micro super low profile (SLP) connector series has a high reliability mating connection, making it more resistant to drops and shock. This drop- and shock-resistant mating connection is accomplished through the micro SLP connector’s contact design, which provides the assembly operator a tactile click to help prevent mis-mating. Applications for the micro SLP connector series are not limited to mobile devices; most applications requiring space savings over larger, discrete wire connections may benefit from this very small wire-to-board connector.

Product Features

Specifications for Micro SLP Connectors
  • Super low profile
  • Drop- and shock-resistant mating connection
  • Contact design helps prevent mis-mating
  • Convenient handling with header receptacle supplied on emboss tape
  • Time saving cable assembly comes pre-terminated and pre-stripped
  • Custom cable lengths available upon request



Mated height for the micro super low profile connector


Current amperage rating for this wire-to-board connector


Wire size for the 0.8mm pitch micro SLP connector

Select Applications

Micro SLP Connector

• Mobile Phones
• Tablets
• Wearable Devices
• Any device requiring space savings

Micro SLP Size Comparison
The micro SLP connector series offers a low profile design and a small PCB footprint for increasingly smaller devices.