Micro-MaTch Value-Line

Value in Connectivity

Economical design of the Micro-MaTch wire-to-board and board-to-board ribbon cable connectors meeting the needs of less demanding applications in the Industrial, Consumer and Data communications industry.


  • Cost effective Wire to Board system with tin plated contact design
  • Miniature connector system to save space on the printed circuit board
  • All connectors supplied on Tape & Reel and suitable for automatic placing and termination
  • Highly reliable gas tight connections between wire and insulation displacement contacts
  • Full range of application tooling from hand tool to fully automated equipment
  • Cable connectors accepting all standard ribbon cable

A more economical design that meets the needs of less demanding applications. The Micro-MaTch Value-line is the latest addition to the well-established Micro-MaTch connector family. This new series features a more economical design and meets the needs of less demanding applications in the Industrial, Consumer and Datacom industry. The Micro-MaTch Value-line is built around the existing high quality Micro-MaTch connector system and has been developed to suit environments where a broad temperature range, many mating cycles and vibration resistance are less relevant. On a pitch of 1.27 mm, Micro-Match Value-line offers a variety of wire-to-board inter-connections.


  • Home automation and alarm equipment
  • Mobile GPS devices
  • Lighting
  • Air- and climate control units
  • CCTV
  • Building Surface Control
  • Set Top Boxes, Audio- & Video equipment
  • Electronic voting machines
  • Pay terminals