AMP-LATCH Interconnects

Versatile Ribbon Cable Solutions

Our AMP-LATCH ribbon cable interconnects offer quick, reliable connections without stripping or prepping wires. AMP-LATCH connectors, also known as ribbon cable connectors, are used to make the transition between ribbon cable and pc board (PCB) circuitry. The primary function is to connect one board or subsystem to another. With a wide range of secure and economical connection options, AMP-LATCH connectors offer a reliable gas tight connection between ribbon cable and PCBs.

Product Features

AMP-LATCH Connectors
  • Mass termination capabilities
  • No need to strip or prepare wire
  • Labor savings
  • Variety of centerlines and options

IDC Termination

For AMP-LATCH Ribbon Cable Interconnects

IDC Termination 1
The wire must be aligned with the IDC slot
IDC Termination 2
As insertion begins, the wire insulation is displaced.
IDC Termination 3
Insulation displacement is completed and conductor strands begin to deform.
IDC Termination 4
As the conductor is pushed further into the slot, strand deformation is completed and beam deflection occurs. The connection is established and maintained by high residual beam force.