STRADA Mesa Family

High-Speed Stacking Connectors

We offer the STRADA Mesa mezzanine connector to provide a stacking, board-to-board connection solution for efficient PCB space utilization. The STRADA Mesa product design delivers a high-speed performance of +15 Gbps. In addition, the design provides three pin and socket signal contact arrangement options -- high-speed differential, high-density single-ended and RF/ Coaxial -- to suit various application requirements.

Product Features

STRADA Mesa Connectors
  • Data rates up to 15+ Gbps
  • 100 Ohm impedance
  • Single ended, differential, and power configurations
  • Optional power contacts spaced for 48V applications per UL 1950
  • 14 amp Current rating
  • Optional guide system to accommodate blind mating
  • Stack heights from 8-42mm in 1mm increments
  • Press-Fit (Eye-of-the-Needle) PCB attach.
  • Open space to allow for Airflow through connector
  • Three housing sizes (widths): Standard: 40, 80, and 120 pairs; Half: 24, 48, and 88 pairs; Power: 6 -12 contacts

Select Applications

STRADA Mesa Connectors
  • Servers
  • Switching and Routers
  • Storage
  • Optical transport
  • Industrial
STRADA Mesa Mezzanine Connector

Slots in Side Spacers to Allow Airflow Through the Connector