CSR - Battery Connector

The CSR Series is the time saving and safety solution for battery power on rolling stock.

Mainly used on battery systems, CSR connectors increase safety and reduce maintenance time during operation with a fixed part mounted on the structure and the mobile part on the battery this avoids power alimenation when the battery is open. Designed according to railway standards, the connection is done by lugs termination on the 2 power contacts and permits also 7 signal contacts to manage, for example temperature, voltage, or other data signals from the battery.


  • Rackable and panel system
  • Increased safety during operation
  • According to railway standard
  • Misalignment tolerance ±2mm


  • Rackable power connector
  • Fixed socket and floating plug
  • 2 power contacts for terminal lugs

    - Caliber 14 / M10 threaded or Caliber 18 / M12 threaded

  • 7 auxiliary crimp contacts Ø4

Main Characteristics

  • Rated current: -350 A (Ø14) - 500 A (Ø18) and pilots 30 A (Ø4)
  • Service voltage: 700 V DC
  • Withstand voltage: 3500 V
  • Temperature range: -40oC / +100oC