EKO A - Power to Car-to-Car Connectors

EKO A Series is dedicated for all main rolling stock power systems applications and specially designed for inter-vehicle Power Dynamic applications.

A field proven solution from light regional trains to very high speed trains, EKO A Series is specifically designed for dynamic inter-vehicle jumper applications. Modular system of frame permits to customise 100% of the connector to the train design. The EKO A family has modular solutions from 2 to 6 connection modules for cable sizes up 300mm2 for 3000 volt applications. EKO family is completed by EKO (composite), EKO S (shielding & high resistance for mechanical constraints) and EKO D (derivation). See the respective pages for more details.


  • Modular and dynamic applications
  • Flexible assembly process
  • High level of performance
  • Compact and weight-saving
  • Halogen free
  • Field-proven


  • Modular connector from 2 to 8 angled modules into metal frame
  • Locking system by 2 captive screws
  • Crimp contacts caliber 12 and 20 in silver plated brass
  • Cable cross-section from 50 to 240 mm2

Main Characteristics

  • Rated current: up to 700 A
  • Service voltage: up to 3000V DC/AC
  • Withstand voltage: > 9,5 kV
  • Protection index: IP66
  • Salt Spray resistance: 96 hours or 500 hours
  • Temperature range: -40oC / +100oC
  • Vibrations and shocks: EN 61373 category 1 class A