Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card Connectors

Low profile for portable memory

We offer standard, micro, and micro/SIM SD card connectors with a variety of design and packaging options. By linking assorted forms of digital equipment, the SD memory card stores digital files without requiring a computer. As an Executive Board member of the SD Association (SDA) standards committee, we are committed to engineering for ongoing for secure digital technology.

Product Features

SD Card Connectors
  • Different connector configuration sizes: Standard and Micro
  • High-speed data transfer rate
  • Designed for ease of customer use with available push/push and push/pull mating
  • Manufactured to meet existing SD memory card standards
  • Available in top and bottom mounting configurations
  1. SIM that is Super Slim (English)

Our micro SIM push-push connector offers an innovative design, with an extensive line of SIM card connectors.