Improved Seal Performance

Our new DEUTSCH DT 2 and 3 position snap-cap connectors introduce new choices to the trusted connector line. The innovative new snap-cap design joins the industry trusted DEUTSCH DT connector line, which is the proven and future choice for harsh-environment applications such as truck, bus, construction, and agricultural vehicles, as well as other markets where environmental protection is needed.

Product Features:

Benefits of the new DEUTSCH DT connectors with snap cap
  • Improved interface seal performance using –P012 enhanced seal retention features and secondary wedge lock.
  • Interface plug front seal is fully serviceable in field if damaged and replacement becomes necessary.
  • Improved wire alignment to maximize seal performance under wire side-load conditions.
  • Interface compatible to predecessor DT connector from fit & function perspective; minor form differences due to snap-cap features.
  • The rear snap-in place seal cover caps are offered in both standard cap and extended shrink tube cap variants.
  • Housings available in standard black and gray colors, with choice for normal (N) or thin (E) wire seal options to accommodate a wide range of wire insulation thicknesses associated with AWG / ISO wiring sizes.
  • Uses same industry standard, proven DEUTSCH Common Contact System products.
DEUTSCH DT Next Generation
Next Generation DT Connectors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    What is a DT 2/3 Position with Snap-Cap connector?

A:     DEUTSCH DT 2/3 Position environmentally sealed connectors are designed for wire to wire, wire to board, and wire to device applications. It is the proven and future choice for harsh-environment applications.

Q:    What are the appropriate applications for DT 2/3 position connectors?

A:    Truck, bus, construction, agricultural, lift-truck, marine, recreational, power sports, factory automation, and industrial vehicles as well as other extended markets where connections offering environmental protection is needed.

Q:    What’s new for DT 2/3 position connectors?

A:    TE is pleased to introduce new wire-to-wire options for DEUTSCH DT 2-pin and 3-pin connector series which includes three versions: standard version without rear wire seal cover, original welded cap seal cover, and new innovative snap-in place seal cover products.