Mini-SAS Connectors

Designed for Next-Generation Speeds

The TE Mini-SAS product family is a high speed, multi-lane interconnect for both internal and external solutions, including both receptales and cable assemblies. The system is designed to be compliant to SFF-8086, 8087, and 8088 standards, and supports SAS 2.0 applications. The interfaces are adopted for the SAS-2.1, SAS 3 and PCIe standards. The reduced size of the interconnects saves additional 30% to 50% PCB space; a low profile PCIe card can accommodate 4 Mini-SAS HD connectors versus 2 SAS connectors.

Product Features

Mini-SAS HD Connectors

TE's Mini-SAS HD (high density) product family includes compact, high-speed I/O solutions for SAS applications: storage, rack-mount servers, workstations, storage racks, high performance computing, HBAs (host bus adapters), RAID (redundant arrays of inexpensive disks), switches and more. The product family supports speeds up to 12 Gb/s and includes the following

  • Internal receptacles and copper cable assemblies
  • External receptacles and copper cable assemblies


Gbps in 1 x 4 version


Smaller than existing products


Contact pitch

Select Applications

Mini-SAS HD Connectors
  • SAS and SATA devices
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Switches
Mini-SAS Connectors
Mini-SAS connectors
Mini-SAS HD Interconnects
Mini-SAS HD interconnects
Internal Mini-SAS HD Connectors

TE’s internal Mini-SAS HD connector is a 12 Gb/s high-density, high-speed interface capable of supporting an aggregate data rate of 48 Gb/s per connector (12G x 4 lanes) with a version capable of transferring an aggregate data rate of 192 Gbps. Designed to be approximately 30% smaller than conventional internal Mini-SAS connectors, the internal Mini-SAS HD connector enables you to save precious PCB space. Additionally, the connector has been adopted by SAS 2.1, SAS 3 and PCIe specifications.


Featuring both right angle and vertical orientations, TE’s internal Mini-SAS HD interconnects suit a variety of architectures in multiple applications: enterprise storage, highperformance computing, networking and data centers. The connector supports direct passive and active copper cable.

External Mini-SAS HD Connectors

TE’s Mini-SAS HD external receptacle connector is a highdensity, high-speed IO interface adopted for the SAS 2.1, SAS 3 and PCIe  standards. The product is designed to support 6 Gb/s and 12 Gb/s SAS applications. The assembly is offered in 4x, 8x, and 16x versions.

  1. Mini-SAS High Density Connectors & Cable Assemblies (English)

TE’s internal and external Mini-SAS HD connectors feature a twelve gigabit, high-density, high-speed interface designed to save thirty to fifty percent more printed circuit board space than conventional Mini-SAS Connectors.