Cable Assemblies – Added service to TE portfolio

Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet Capable

TE provides a range of RJ-45 cable assemblies capable of data transmission rates of 100 Mbits/s up to 1000 Mbit/s (8 pos.). The interface was developed for harsh industrial applications and is compatible with your existing data networks.

Cable assembly solutions for industrial ethernet applications. Our cable assembly products are derived from a broad product portfolio of RJ-45 Connectors and Ethernet Switches for Industrial Networks in the Machinery and Automation World. IP67 RJ45 Industrial Ethernet cables are perfect for all your harsh environment networking applications where moisture and dust are prevalent. These IP67 RJ45 cables feature casketed IP67 plugs and PUR jackets which are UV and chemical resistant. Additionally these assemblies feature shielded cable to reduce EMI/RFI.


  • IP20 application with 2-Step Metal Spring for additional mounting device (housing – optional)
  • IP67 application with Push-Pull-, Bajonet and Thread-Interlock according IEC 60603-7-1
  • Contact Area: Multiple contacts per pin in combination with the “Specific RJ-45 Modular Jack“ to avoid signal interruption (realtime capable)


  • Internal networking on a typical factory floor
  • Networking for machine builders
  • Networking for system integrators