Application Tooling Consultation Service

Improve Your Efficiency and Productivity

Application Tooling Field Service is now offering a proactive consultation service designed to assist you in identifying improvement opportunities in the production process. Focusing on the wire harness industry, the TE Production Consultation Service is designed to systematically evaluate equipment and personnel in the manufacturing environment and to provide recommendations along with an action plan to improve manufacturing efficiency.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Production
  • Maintenance
  • Quality
  • Engineering
  • Management

Goals and Benefits

  • Observe processes and make recommendations for improving production efficiency and quality, including equipment operation, work cell layout, material flow and equipment upgrades.
  • Assess personnel knowledge of the equipment being used and, when appropriate, make recommendations for additional training to improve competency and efficiency.
  • Identify issues with tooling and equipment.
  • Make recommendations for best demonstrated practices to help reduce down time.
  • Reduction of waste through product staging, material planning and job scheduling to reduce setup and changeover.