JacKnack Telecommunications Cable Prep Tool

Save Time with a New Spin on Twisted Wire Termination

Our JacKnack Tool (part #2119000-1) provides a simple method to perform all the basic cable preparation functions, including cutting, stripping and time-consuming wire untwisting. Simply press the finger loop to extend the wire clamp; place the wires in the wire clamp; release the finger loop; and twirl the tool around your finger. This method is much quicker than untwisting by hand. When used properly, the minimum amount of untwist can easily be maintained. Once the wires are untwisted, the installer can keep the wires clamped to place them in the lacing fixture or the connector. After that, it is a simple termination to complete the process.


  • Cable jacket stripper
  • Cable filler sheer
  • JacKnack clamp
  • Wire placement tool
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Portable
  • Convenient
Jacknack Wire Cutting
Wire Cutting
Jacknack Wire Stripping
Wire Stripping
Jacknack Wire Untwist
Wire Twisting
Jacknack Wire Seating
Wire Seating
  1. Terminating RJ45 CAT5 and CAT6 Product (English)

Demonstration using the SL Series Mod Jack terminating tool with lacing fixture to terminate RJ45 CAT5 and CAT6 Product. This video also features the JacKnack Wire Prep Tool for cutting, stripping and untwisting.