Komax Mira 230

Consistent Performance and Quality

The Mira 230 Programmable Wire Stripper allows operators to sequence different wire processing parameters for multi-conductor cables and can cut, strip, shorten and trim multiple wire types in one pre-programmed sequence. This removes the wasted time of changing out tooling or moving between processing stations. Thanks to its robust and sturdy construction, the Mira 230 has an extraordinary processing range (0.03 - 8 mm2, AWG32 - 8). Every cable and sequence can be stored for reproduction and its precision mechanics minimize variances and errors. An integrated air jet cleans the wire cuttings off the blades automatically, ensuring consistent high quality and optimum cutting performance.


  • Processing range up to 8 mm2 / AWG8
  • Unique scope of functions, including sequence processing 
  • Multi-conductor processing in one pass
  • Fast access to frequently used functions
  • Automatic blade cleaning
  • Simple touchscreen interface
  • Password-protected access 
  • Article library stores up to 1500 articles
  • Sequence function sets up to 100 steps
  1. Mira 230 Stripping Machine (English)

With a high level of stripping force, the Mira 230 can process wires with hard insulation. It has special capabilities that go beyond stripping and shortening/trimming, allowing it to handle the most demanding tasks.

Easy To Use

A touch screen interface allows the device to be operated simpy and intuitively with password-protected access to prevent unwanted changes. An ergonomic hand rest supports healthy, non-fatiguing work and the LED lighting in the work area provides good visibility.