Cosmic 32M Stripper

Power, Precision and Range

Achieving more power, higher precision and a wider AWG range in a quicker cycle time than its predecessor, the Cosmic 32M high-speed electric wire stripper is equipped with a digital stripping diameter display and a sensitive wire-tip touch sensor for easy operation.


  • Operates anywhere in the world with AC100V - 240V compatibility
  • Digitally displays stripping diameter
  • Easily switches full / partial strip
  • 0.3 sec. quick cycle time
  • Wide strip range of AWG 12-32
  • Compact, easy-to-handle benchtop model
  • Sold and distributed only in North America


  • Workable wire size: AWG 12-32
  • Stripping diameter: digitally displayed (0.01mm increments) 
  • Stripping length: (0.5mm increments)
  • Partial stripping length: min. 1.0mm
  • Machine cycle: max. 0.3 sec. (Adjustable)
  • Workable cable types: halogen-free, rubber, PVC, etc.
  • Power supply: AC 100V - 240V (40VA)
  • Net weight: 4.5 kg