SDE Straight Action (SA) Hand Tool

Engineered for Comfort and Ease

The SDE-SA hand tool is a commercial-grade crimping tool designed for field installation, repair, maintenance or prototyping. Products crimped with this tool will meet the crimp height requirements for hand tools in the appropriate 114 series specification, but may not comply with other feature parameters of the specification. Its unique geometry provides a comfortable, easy-to-use handle design unmatched in the market and provides a large crimp jaw arc to minimize roll in open barrel applications. The SDE-SA hand tool offers easy accessibility for space-constrained applications and a user-adjustable ratchet control and emergency ratchet release. In most cases, the SDE-SA hand crimping tool frame assembly is provided with a specific set of dies and is considered a component part of a crimping assembly.


  • Comfortable, easy-to-use handle design
  • Minimal crimp jaw arc, minimizing 'roll' in open barrel applications
  • Easy accessibility for space-constrained applications
  • User-adjustable ratchet control and emergency ratchet release
  1. The SDE Advantage Story (English)

With Standard Die Envelope (SDE) compatible tools, you can utilize the same easily interchangeable SDE die sets found in portable hand tools or electric bench equipment. Staying in the SDE family allows your tools to grow as your needs grow.


Loose Piece Terminals
  • Insulated terminals
  • Socket contacts
  • Pin contacts


Cleaning, Checks and Lubrication

Daily Maintenance Remove dust, moisture and other contaminants with a clean brush.
Lubrication Lubricate all pins, pivot points and bearing surfaces with SAE 20 oil
Periodic Inspection Commercial degreasing compound, spring testing, excessive wearing (cracks)
Crimp Height Inspection Use a micrometer and a modified anvil to inspect the crimp height
CERTI-CRIMP Tool Ratchet Control Inspection Make sure ratchet does not release prematurely