Zeta 651 harness maker

Flexible and Reliable Harness Making

Fully-automatic Zeta 633 crimping machine – and Zeta 651 and Zeta 656 block loaders – can create flexible systems for the production of wire harnesses across a broad range of complexity. The machine design allows simultaneous production of wire harnesses to reduce the cost per lead set.

Zeta 633/633 L Harness Maker
Zeta 633/633 L harness maker
Zeta 651 Harness Maker
Zeta 651 harness maker
Zeta 656 Harness Maker
Zeta 656 harness maker

Zeta 633/633 L

Product Information

The Zeta 633 harness maker is a highly flexible fully automatic crimping machine used for just-in-time production. With its flexible machine concept, the machine opens up an almost unlimited number of possibilities for handling small jobs and wire sequences.


Up to 36 conductors are available for wire feed without changeover. Wire transport can be adapted to the spe­cific properties of each conductor. Applying the loop transfer principle, the device feeds the two wire ends of the loop individually one after the other to the appropriate processing station.

  • Up to 36 different conductors can be processed without changeover
  • Station layout can be defined as desired
  • Full integration of existing processing stations
  • High processing quality
  • TopWin software: Existing user ex­pertise can be applied immediately.
  • Excellent accessibility and safety
  • Expandable
  • Prepared for Zeta 651 and Zeta 655 machines
  • Fully integrated quality monitoring with good/bad sorting
  • Customer specified special applications possible

Zeta 651

Product Information

Zeta 651 harness makers offer a reliable and attractively priced complete solution for the single-sided loading of single and double row blocks. Contacts are mechanically centered prior to loading and optionally rotated, if needed.


The use of the reliable loading head and the process monitoring systems of the machine ensure optimum loading. The entire loading process is monitor­ed, from insert in chamber to correct locking. Blocks are fed automatically and can be replenished while the machine is running. Feed and deposit can be adapted to meet the respective needs of the specific customer.

  • Fully automatic block loading
  • Full integration into TopWin software
  • Integrated process monitoring with good/bad separation
  • Automatic block feed
  • Blocks can be replenished while machine is running
  • Economical production of harnesses undergoing single-sided loading

Zeta 656

Product Information

The Zeta 656 harness maker is a block loading robot designed to taken into account the ever smaller sizes of production batches. Because of its design, it allows investment costs to be amortized in parallel on different types of wire harnesses, markedly reducing the cost per lead set. The machine allows new applications to be subsequently incorporated. With the flexible pallet carousel, the most varied types of wire harnesses can be produced just-in-time and changeover times are very short.

  • Extremely broad variety of harnesses on one machine – no application-specific parts
  • New applications can be easily added later in the future
  • Economical even for tiny production batches
  • Non-contact position recognition for the terminals
  • Uniform top quality processing – high degree of process reliability
  • Integrated quality monitoring with good/bad sorting
  • Short amortization period