Gamma 255 Leadmaker Machine

Flexibility in Cable Production

The Gamma 255 leadmaker is a fully-automatic crimping machine for efficient wire processing. From crimp-by-crimp terminations to twisting, fluxing and tinning, it delivers compelling process control and minimal changeover times. Featuring fully-integrated quality monitoring and feed systems, the Gamma 255 processes cross sections from 0.0123mm squared (14 AWG) – 2.5mm squared (36-14 AWG). The entire cross section is processed using programmable, highly-dynamic servo-drives and V-stripping blades. It is compatible with most commercially available applications and handles double crimped wires as short as 20mm. As part of its standard equipment, the machine has a pre-feeder, splices, wire-end and knot detection, and two wire straightening units. The integrated pre-feeder provides gentle wire feed from drums, coils or reels at high draw-in speeds.


Interface for seamless network integration


Max speed of 3m/sec


20mm minimal lead length


  • Crimp monitoring system
  • Lead length as short as 20mm
  • Integrated wire feed system
  • WPCS network interface
  • Compatible with most commercially-available applicators
  • Highly dynamic Servo-drives
  • V-stripping blades


  • Cross section
  • Wire processing from 0.0123mm squared (14 AWG) – 2.5mm squared (36-14 AWG)
  • Double crimp wires
  • Wire twisting and tinning