Alpha 550

Consistent Productivity with Maximum Precision

The Alpha 550 is a fully-automatic wire processing machine for two-sided seal loading that can yield crucial competitive advantages. With a high processing speed, it achieves best-in-class unit cost performance. For example, the conveyor belt speed in the new deposit system is automatically adjusted to ensure consistent optimum throughput. A touch screen, keyboard and mouse, delivers for time-saving and ergonomic operations, while TopWin software allows the next job to be loaded without halting operations and the material and the tool to be prepared. Indicator lamps and LED-illuminated work zones optimize and expand user guidance. Perfectly synchronized machine processes, and quality assurance and monitoring functions, ensure top precision and excellent CpK results. Powerful servo motors position the swivel arm with unrivaled repeat accuracy. Plus, mechanical and electronic components are well-protected from dirt and ambient influences and suitable for environments with high temperatures and moisture.

Strip Quality Check

For Top Quality

The quality tool runs an optical check on stripping quality and automatically separates out defective products. Easy integration in the production process without learning. Compared to the option CPS (cut pulled strands), it boosts the output rate by as much as 10 percent. 

Crimping Module

For Maximum Productivity

Shortest setup and conversion times are achieved thanks to efficient user guidance with cable positioning directly on the module. CFA+ assures the highest level of quality and the lowest possible rate of rejects. The robust crimping module design delivers extraordinary repeat accuracy. Function such as stroke and split cycle are easily programmed. The crimping module automatically adjusts the crimp height during the teaching procedure.

Seal Module

For High Reliability

The module automatically loads seals on the cables, namely all the usual varieties of seals including mini-seals. Precision mechanics combined with seal position monitoring ensure a high degree of process reliability. The module can be converted quickly from one variety of seal to another.

Technical Data

Wire Cross Sections 0.13 - 6 mm2 (AWG 26- 10)*
Wire Draw-in Speed max. 12 m/s (39 ft/s)
Outer Diameter of Conductor max. 5.1 mm (0.20 in.)
Length Range 60 – 65’000 mm (2.35 in. – 213 ft.)**
Full Stripping 0.1 – 29.5 mm (0.004 – 1.16 in.)
Half Stripping max. 35.5 mm (1.4 in.)
Compressed Air Connection 5 – 8 bar (73 – 116 psi.)

Air Consumption Crimp / Crimp

Crimp-Seal / Crimp-Seal

< 7 m³/h (247 ft³/h)

< 11 m³/h (388.5 ft³/h)

*Depends on wire material

**Repeat accuracy ± (0.2 % + 1 mm [0.04])

alpha 550
alpha550 processing examples