MT-Matic Mark III Machine

Simple and Effective Production

Our MT-Matic Mark III termination machine is designed to terminate a multitude of IDC connectors semi-automatically. Depending on the type, this machine can crimp IDC connectors with the placement of the connectors in the magazine and positioning of the wires as a manual process, and termination of the wires into the connector as an automatic process. The connector and wire layout is programmable via keyboard or touch screen. To assist the operator, the wire insertion sequence is displayed in color on the monitor. Also available are machines configured for the termination of RV 100, Z-PACK, SIVAPAC and AMPLIMITE connector systems. Machines for terminating other IDC connectors are presently being developed.


  • Simple and effective production of insulation displacement connections
  • Application of single and double row connectors within one feed track
  • PC controlled
  • Simple programming of the cavity population due to keyboard or touch screen

System Configuration

Process Type Action
Semi-Automatic Terminate IDC Connectors
Manual Placing connectors in magazine and position wires
Automatic Termination of wires into the connector
Programmable Connector and wire layout via keyboard or touch screen


  • IDC connectors
  • RV 100 connectors
  • Z-PACK connectors
  • SIVAPAC connectors
  • AMPLIMITE connectors