P100 Semi-Automatic Pin Insertion Machine

Cost Savings for Mid-volume Production

Our semi-automatic P100 Pin Insertion Machine is designed to apply both TE and other manufacturer products, and offers applied cost savings features typically available in more expensive systems. Plus, the machine can be supplied with a rotary insertion finger that applies products at different angles without decreasing the insertion rate.


Up to 120 pins per minute

X / Y

X / Y table with stepper motors


600 kPa compressed air supply


For Your Current and Future Tooling Needs
  • Board capacity of 305 x 450mm [12 x 18”]
  • Wide range of tooling packs for TE and non-TE products
  • X/Y-table with stepper motors
  • Quick change tooling packs allow for fast and easy setup
  • Database-driven software for simple programming and automatic setup
  • Touch-screen interface for simple programming and automatic setup
  1. P100 Pin Insertion Machine (English)

Video of the newest version of the CE compliant P100 Pin Insertion Machine overviews safety and quality features, access improvements and a step-by-step changeover of a conversion kit.


Contacts, Sockets and Tabs
  • ACTION PIN contacts
  • AMPMODU I sockets
  • AMPMODU II sockets
  • Junior Timer with ACTION PIN contacts
  • Flat solder tabs
  • FFC contacts
  • Other contacts including non-TE terminal available upon request