HIRSCHMANN MOBILITY Transparent Film Antenna

Transparent Film Antennas

HIRSCHMANN MOBILITY transparent film antennas open up new installation spaces and allow almost invisible attachment on windows.

TE Connectivity's HIRSCHMANN MOBILITY brand offers transparent film antennas for the automotive market. A special feature of this antennas is that they allows for almost invisible attachment to surfaces that were once considered “out of bounds” due to strict design requirements, such as fixed side windows in the front or rear, e.g. typical small triangular windows. Compared with conventional film antennas, transparency is increased from around 40% to more than 80%. The transparent antennas can be used in a frequency range of between 100 MHz and 6 GHz, with their shape factor making it particularly suited to mobile communication and TV services.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used in a frequency range of between 100 MHz and 6 GHz (e.g. LTE, WLAN, DVB-T/-T2)
  • PET substrate film, thickness between 100 µm and 175 µm
  • Needs less silver thanks to line widths of <100 µm
  • Transparent 50 Ohm supply line
  • Application example of an LTE antenna (698 MHz–2.69 GHz): the film requires an area of around 50 cm²; free space of around 300 cm² is required for its installation
  • Same RF performance as full surface antenna
  • Almost invisible attachment on windows with strict design requirements
  • Transparency of more than 80%
  • Opens up more installation space in the vehicle
  • Helps to enhance in-vehicle safety as it can - like splinter protection sheeting - help to keep the glass intact in the event of a crash