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Circular DIN connectors are designed to meet the requirements of DIN standards, including the 72585/ISO 15170 standard.

Series Overview

  • Accepts contact size 1.5 mm (up to 30 amps) and 2.5 mm (up to 40 amps)
  • 2.50-0.20 mm2
  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 cavity arrangements
  • In-line, flange, or PCB mount
  • Circular, thermoplastic housing
  • Coupling ring for mating 



Q:    What is a Circular DIN connector?
A:     TE Connectivity’s Circular DIN environmentally sealed connectors are designed for cable to cable, cable to board, and cable to device applications. The Circular DIN connectors are used in harsh environment applications where even a small degradation in connection may be critical.

Q:    What are the appropriate applications for Circular DIN connectors?

A:     Truck, Bus, Off-highway, Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Emergency Vehicles, Forestry, Recreational, Marine, Motorcycle


Q:    When should I use Circular DIN connectors?
A:     Circular DIN connectors provide reliability and performance on the engine or transmission, under the hood, for motor controllers, solenoid interfaces, on the chassis, or in the cab. Circular DIN connectors offer field proven reliability and rugged quality. Circular DIN connectors meet the requirements of the DIN 72585/ISO 15170 standards. They feature a coupling ring for mating. The heavy-duty Circular DIN connectors are suitable for in-line, flange mount, or PCB applications.


Key Features

Q:    What are the Circular DIN connectors’ key features?

A:     Circular DIN Connector Key Features:

  •     Accepts contact size 1.5 mm (up to 30 amps) and 2.5 mm (up to 40 amps)
  •     2.50-0.20 mm2
  •     2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 cavity arrangements
  •     In-line, flange, or PCB mount
  •     Circular, thermoplastic housing
  •     Coupling ring for mating


Performance/ Specifications

Q:    What is the temperature range for Circular DIN connectors?

A:     Operating at temperatures -40°C to +120°C for plastic parts, short term up to +140°C defined in the standard ISO 15170


Q:    How durable are Circular DIN connectors?

A:     20 cycles, max. testing requirement in the standard ISO 15170, former DIN 72585

Q:    What is the insulation resistance for Circular DIN connectors?

A:     No flash over or breakdown between every two contacts or between every contact and outer contour of the housing permitted at 1000 volts AC and 50 or 60 Hz for 60 seconds

Q:    What is the immersion rating for Circular DIN connectors?

A:     No ingress of water is allowed, acc. to DIN 40050-9 IPX7, IPX9K


Q:    What is the vibration rating for Circular DIN connectors?

A:     According to standard ISO 15170, former DIN 72585


Q:    How much dielectric withstanding voltage for the Circular DIN connectors?

A:     No flash over or breakdown between every two contacts or between every contact and outer contour of the housing permitted at 1000 volts AC and 50 or 60 Hz for 60 seconds.



Q:    What material are Circular DIN connector shells made of?

A:     Circular DIN connector shells are made of rugged glass filled PBT and PA


Q:    What material are the Circular DIN connector seals made of?

A:     The Circular DIN connector seals are made of silicone rubber.


Please review product documents or contact us for the latest agency approval information.  

Product Type Features

  • Connector Style  Housing for female terminals, Housing for male terminals

  • Connector System  Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Device, Wire-to-Wire

  • Sealable  No, Yes

  • Hybrid Connector  No, Yes

  • Primary Locking Feature  Integrated in Housing, On the Terminal

  • Strain Relief  Add By Accessory, No

  • Row-to-Row Spacing (mm) 6, 7, 7.8

  • Row-to-Row Spacing (in) .236, .275, .276, .307

Configuration Features

  • Number of Positions  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 31

  • Number of Rows  1, 2

  • Blank Cavity Position  1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Electrical Characteristics

  • Nominal Voltage Architecture (V) 12, 24, 42, 48

  • Operating Voltage (VDC) 12, 24, 48

Body Features

  • Color  Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Other

  • Connector Code  1, 2, 3, 4, A, B, C

  • Cable Exit Angle  180°, 90°, Other

  • Body Material  Other, PBT GF

Contact Features

  • Mating Pin Diameter (mm) 1.5, 2.5

  • Mating Pin Diameter (in) .059, .098

Mechanical Attachment

  • Mounting Feature  Without

  • Terminal Position Assurance  No, Yes

  • Polarized  No, Yes

Housing Features

  • Centerline (Pitch) (mm) 7, 8, 11.4

  • Centerline (Pitch) (in) .275, .276, .315, .449


  • Width (mm) 23, 31, 44

  • Width (in) .905, 1.22, 1.2204, 1.732, 1.7322

  • Height (mm) 23, 25.8, 28, 32.8, 32.9, 33, 39, 39.26, 65

  • Height (in) .905, 1.01, 1.1, 1.29, 1.291, 1.2913, 1.295, 1.2952, 1.299, 1.5354, 1.546, 2.56

  • Length (mm) 23, 25.8, 28.5, 31, 32.8, 32.9, 36.5, 39, 39.2, 44, 63.3

  • Length (in) .905, 1.01, 1.016, 1.12, 1.22, 1.29, 1.2913, 1.295, 1.2953, 1.437, 1.5354, 1.546, 1.73, 2.49

Usage Conditions

  • Operating Temperature Range  -40 – 120 °C [ -40 – 248 °F ]


  • Circuit Application  Signal

Industry Standards

  • Degree of Protection  IP67, IP69K, IP6K9K

  • UL Flammability Rating  UL 94-HB

Packaging Features

  • Packaging Method  Bag, Box & Carton, Box, Carton, Loose Piece

  • Packaging Quantity  100, 1000, 450, 500, 700, 800, 924, 940


  • Connector Position Assurance Capable  No

  • Serviceable  No, Yes

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